Tuesday, July 1, 2008


THE young and cultural figure of the University of the South Pacific is vying for the King's title at the Vodafone Hibiscus Festival next month.
But it is not all about winning for 24-year-old Tevita Tonga.
"I intend to promote the value and significance of the different and rich cultures that we have in the Pacific," said the Supreme Fuel-sponsored contestant.
"One's culture is significant because it gives you your identity and shows who you are," said Mr Tonga with pride.
To be the cultural chairman of the USP Students Association is a perfect match for him and something he organises and teaches with great interest.
Tonga is the key figure responsible for organising all cultural activities and dances at the USP's annual open day.
Taking part in the contest is an escape from his "small box" world.
"I grew up in a very small box and it was that way until this opportunity came by.
"I have always wanted to be part of something big and going for something this big is very exciting."
He is grateful to his sponsor for giving him the opportunity and he hopes to make them proud.
Tonga, always referred to as Dee by people who know him, is a final-year Accounting and Information System student at USP.
His best friend, Izzal Azid, describes him as sociable and funny.
"Tevita is friends with everyone and mixes around with everybody," said Azid.