Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hibiscus queens are not only beautiful they are smart as well.
This is what 22-year-old Amele Tubuitamana aims to prove by taking part in this year's Vodafone Hibiscus Festival.
"People have the general assumption that Hibiscus queens just have a beautiful face and lack intellectual ability," she said.
"That is not true, most contestants are an educated group of people who are not in the contest for the fame but for a lot of other reasons," said Amele.
She is sponsored by Aquifer Fiji and a push from her family was how she got into the Hibiscus picture.
The ex-Jasper Williams High School student is confident of doing well.
"Thinking about contesting in the first place, gave me some nervous vibes but I know I should be able to pursue further confidently."
She is a go-getter type of person who believes in achieving everything she knows she can.
But one has to start from the small things before looking at the big picture, says the contestant.
"You cannot solve the hunger problem facing the world but you can feed a hungry person," is how she puts it.
"People always want to do big things but ignore the little facts around them."
She works as a youth volunteer at Ba Pilot Community Correction Centre.
Amele is a daddy's girl and hopes to follow her dad's footsteps.
Her father, Vilikesa Tubuitamana is an evangelism pastor. "I am very keen to grow spiritually and I will sing and preach the good gospel with my dad some day.
"That is my dream. It is only through the Almighty's strength I am able to face all hurdles of life," she said.
Amele, is a Western girl. She was born in Lautoka but brought up in Ba.
She lives with her family in Ba.
Amele loves singing, gardening and reading.
- Fiji Times Ltd is a sponsor of the festival