Saturday, September 1, 2007


FOR many young people fresh out of high school, the subjects they took in school for their future career path do not always turn out the way they expected.
Most of the time, the unthinkable happens.
Some who studied art subjects in high school end up working in the science field or the other way around.
This was the case with Nasi Tagi who completed secondary education with her sights set on a career path in the field of information technology.
But after securing her passes in the IT field at NZPTC, she had a change of heart and moved into the hospitality industry.
"I joined the tourism industry because in my view it is the largest and ever-expanding industry right now," she said.
"And for me, coming from one end of a totally different career path to this has been an eye opener.
"But I am grateful to the staff that I work with in the food and beverage department.
"I studied IT at the NZPTC but after completing my studies, had a change of heart and decided to join the tourism industry.
"For me, the tourism industry or working here at the Warwick is interesting because we get to meet and interact with a lot of people from all walks of life and see many things.
"In my field of work we meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and from across the world.
"Tourism has its advantages and for me right now I have been learning a lot of things as I work."
The 23-year-old lass from Tonia Village in Tailevu said when the opportunity came to start work at the Warwick's food and beverage department, she grabbed the chance.
She has been with the Warwick Fiji Resort for the past four years.
She started as a wine waiter at the resort's Seafood restaurant.
Four years down the road, Nasi has been promoted to be hostess of the Papagalo, the resort's Italian restaurant.
In the years she has been with the Warwick, Nasi has also entered the Bartender and Waiter of the Year competitions.
"I entered the Wine Waiter of the Year competition in 2005. It was the first time I entered.
"I came fourth but I learnt a lot from the other competitors who have helped me a lot in my work.
"I have a long way to go in the tourism field and I aim to gain experience from my senior colleagues."
However, at the back of her mind, Nasi says she is still keen on furthering her knowledge in the IT field.
She is keeping her options open if and when she changes her mind and leaves tourism. "I am keeping my options open.
"I am still young and there are a lot of opportunities out there for young people.
"Young people need to think hard and have options available to them so they can always have something to fall back on or do in the future."

Adapted from Fijitimes Online