Monday, September 17, 2007


MONTFORT Boys Town won the Tadra Kahani for a record fifth time last week and for a group of young men, there is no better way of passing their message than through music and dance.
One of the students has been behind the two-years-in-a-row win.
He is Ledua Sigani, 20, an automotive engineering student from Waciwaci Village on Lakeba in Lau and the team leader.
"I believe that through music and dancing we are able to spread the message youths would like to share with the world," he said.
Ledua said one could always associate youths with music so it was easy for them to use music as a tool to highlight their concerns about issues affecting youths.
"We are grateful that such events are being organised and we are able to participate."
Ledua said the event was something the boys of Montfort at Veisari looked forward to every year.
He said the show brought out a lot of characters in the participants which the school was not aware of.
"With the show we are able to see some of the hidden talents my peers have and we often joke about it.
"For some, dancing is something we think only takes place in nightclubs but we have come to learn that music and dancing can be a tool of passing our thoughts and views on issues that concerns us."
Ledua said the Tadra Kahani had become a property of the school and it was something they would defend to the death. "I can say the competition every year has been really tough and it is getting tougher and we were glad to be able to take out the overall crown again this year."
Their theme this year was 'Inner Power Struggle' and all who watched the show at the Vodafone Arena will not dispute that Montfort Boys Town's performance was unique and a class of it's own. Ledua said the theme motivated the students to put up a vibrant and colourful performance. "The theme depicts the struggle we face from the womb to the tomb.
"Our hearts and minds are withered with insensitivity, self-righteousness and judgmentalism.
"We have to be life-giving people and celebrate life." He said the 60 students who took part were able to pass on the message in an award winning way.
"Montfort's performance was different from all other schools.
"It was simple but extravagant in the sense of the choreography of the dance moves.
"Our costumes, paints and background was simple and I believe that it was the choreography that made the difference." Montfort was the last school to go on stage, as defending champions, and they stunned the audience and won the accolades of the crowd.
Ledua said the win was a result of the effort put together by the students and staff of the school.
"Our principal was the driving force behind the scene and we also had staff members such as Master Ravin, who was always there for the performers." Ledua said they practised for one and half hours everyday during their free time and classes were not affected by their practice.
"Putting together the show was not easy and a lot had to be sacrificed but it was worth it."
He said the opportunity to give the performers a chance to show the God-given talents they had is something the school will always be proud of. He said the win was an added bonus to the boys and he dedicated it to all the staff and students who worked tirelessly behind the scene.
"This award is also for the old boys who won the award during their years at Montfort."
The school won the Tadra Kahani show in 2001, 2002 when it was known as the Rock Challenge and in 2003 and 2006.
This year it was changed from Tadra Kahani to the Dream Story and Montfort Boys Town gave them something to dream about.

Adapted from Fijitimes Online