Saturday, April 21, 2007


Muru Lea Bula. Na yacaqu o Peni Diani Seru. Au gone ni Lomati, Nabukelevu, Kadavu. Vasu i Rukuruku, Levuka, Ovalau. I was born in the old capital of Fiji, Levuka, Ovalau.

Education Details
· Bachelor of Professional Education - University of Waikato- current
· Diploma In Education - FCAE, Fiji 1999
· Fiji Seventh Form Examination - Queen Victoria School, Fiji 1997
· Fiji School Leaving Certificate- Queen Victoria School, Fiji 1996
· Fiji Junior Cert - Ratu Kadavulevu School, Fiji 1994

I grew up in Kadavu Island at Richmond High School where both my parents taught for 9years. My parents are both school teachers. My dad, Peni Seru Snr is a school Principal at Ra High School in Rakiraki and my mum, Alanieta Wati is a primary school teacher at Navesi in Suva. I graduated with a Diploma In Education from the Fiji College of Advanced Education in 1999 and was teaching for 5 years at St Thomas High School, Lautoka and Ballantine Memorial School teaching Social Science and English Literature for Senior forms.

Connection to my 'dela ni yavu':
Yasana: Kadavu
Tikina: Nabukelevu
Yavusa: Namara I Cake
Tokatoka: Namara
Mataqali: Bure
Manumanu: Kaka
Ika: kawakawa

I am a Fiji Govt sponsored student here in NZ doing a degree in Professional education at Waikato. This study involves critical inquiry into the social, political, cultural, economic and personal theories and practices of lifelong education. My aim is to be a great leader of Fiji and improve Fiji's educational system into a higher quality standard.

I also work as a Residential Assistant at College Hall, Waikato Uni looking after our Pacific Islands students in terms of academic, social and general welfare in the Halls of residence. Also, a President of Fiji students Association here at Waikato University. In 2005 I was awarded the Logo Award for designing the Halls of Residence logo that will be used by the University of Waikato for 12years. This year, I was awarded the Manueli Koro trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Cultural Life at College Hall. Again on 6th October 2006, I received an award at the Waikato University Blues award for Overall Contribution and Service to Contemporary Art and Dance at the University. This after I designed the Logo, "tapa" banners and choreographed dances for the university's cultural & performances night, and Fiji students' winning performance 2years in a row. Performing and fine arts have always been a passion and part of my life. I have been doing art and choreography since high school, teacher's college and during my teaching years.

Other achievement in life that I would like to share is that, I am the first in my family to attend a University overseas. My role models are my parents - very staunch Christians who have been my mentor and have been motivating me all these years. Most importantly the God Almighty for being the source of strength, knowledge, wisdom and talents.

Believe in Yourself and let God be the captain, teacher and counselor of your journey.

If you can't be an oak on top of a hill, be a bush at the foothill, but be the best bush to grow. If you can't be a bush, then be green grass and double the beauty of the sides of a path. You may not be able to be the sun, but try to be a shining star. What matters is that, whatever role you play in this world, big or small, play the best and the most useful one.

Be proud of who you are and enjoy life to the fullest.

Vinaka Vakalevu & Ni sa Moce.