Saturday, April 21, 2007


Ni Sa Bula,

O au o Maciu Vucago. Au vola kawabula e na vanua vaka Nalolo, na Yavusa ko Dravuni, Koro ko Deuba, Yasana rairai totoka ko Serua.

I was born and raised in Deuba village, situated on the beautiful province of Serua. I attended all my primary school level education at Deuba District School. I left the village for secondary education at Queen Victoria School in 1990, and completed Fiji Seventh Form at Nasinu Secondary School in 1997. I migrated to New Zealand in January 2000 after two years stint of work experience at Telecom Fiji Ltd.

Current Education Details
Post Graduate Dip - Development Studies (Leadership and Governance) - Current (Victoria University of Wellington).
Bachelor in Arts - Development Studies and Public Policies - 2006

Diploma in Bilingual Education - Primary - 2003 My New Zealand Experience
New Zealand or Aotearoa has become part of a significant chapter in my life story. It has provided me with a lot of opportunities and support so I can be able to realize my own aspirations in life. Some of these aspirations have become realities. Some are still to be achieved. As a Fijian and a Pacific Islander, I am fortunate to have been taught values that have been deeply embedded within me. These values are what I share with people around me.

My family has played a key role in my life outside of Fiji. Upon arriving to this new country, I developed a fear of the unknown. I at times feel totally alienated, as I see a new culture different from what I was used to. I then found out that in order to be successful in a new country, I have to experience a different life so I can develop the confidence to face challenges that life may bring. I became actively involved in various community groups; working with them has boosted my confidence. For instance, the Methodist Church, the Wanganui Fijian Community, the Wanganui Pasifika Community and the Fijian youth needed my help and so I voluntarily provided my assistance. These experiences I hold dear in my heart especially, those lives I had touched and helped through the years.

Current Work and Studies
I currently work as a part time tutor in the Institute of Education at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) as well as a fellow with the Pacific Regional Leadership Group contracted by NZAID to facilitate leadership development in the Pacific. Voluntarily, I am the President of the Fiji students Association at VUW; youth coordinator to Wellington Wesley youth, and as an executive member to the Pacific Nations Educators Association (PNEA). Most importantly, I am a choir member of the Taranaki Wesley Fijian Congregation in Wellington. Even though I have a lot of extra curricular responsibilities, I still prioritize my studies.

My advice to Fijian Youths
The smaller positive contribution that you may give today, even though it may look insignificant to you, will eventually become bigger in the future. Build a dream and a vision for yourself and strive towards it. Being a Fijian is a blessing, if you use it to your advantage. We are born with integrity to serve and if given the opportunity to serve, serve meaningfully. We are also born with the mindset to defend life, from birth till death. This is symbolic through the unconditional value of sharing that we are born with as Fijians. We must always aspire to be leaders in our own unique ways. Always be committed and loyal to the work and responsibility entrusted to you. True Fijians are ethical and socially responsible. Find the real Fijian in you, be courageous and give hope to those who need it. Keep that smile that sets us apart from other nationalities. Last but not least, there is nothing impossible on this earth and live life to the full!!!!!

Vinaka vakalevu