Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Zuber Ali Azimullah (pictured) believes nothing is impossible if people obey their parents and believe in God.
Zuber, 21, who is the eldest in his family, has two sisters and one brother. He attended Suva Muslim Primary School before moving on to Suva Muslim College where he reached Form Three. He later spent one year doing vocational studies, before moving on to help his father in their family business.
Zuber said he left school because his father fell ill. He had to stay home and look after their cable business Maqs Cables.
"It was very hard for me to leave school at an early age especially when I saw my friends going to school but I had to do it for my dad and for the family," he said.
Zuber said his father didn't give him a choice to pursue another career because he wanted him to be part of the family business.
"When I was small, my dad used to tell me that I would have to work in our cable business which he started in 1991," he said.
He said even though he didn't like it at first, listening to his father's advice and respecting his instructions, he was able to see himself succeeding.
He never went through proper tertiary education but stayed home and learnt from his father and now he is running their family business, specialised in manufacturing, designing and repairing cables.
"I learnt from him. When I was in school, sometimes I couldn't do my homework. It was different in the workshop where I helped my father out. That's how I learnt this job."
He said the most important people in his business were his customers and he would try to meet their needs everyday.
"I make sure I provide them with what they want. I can do any kind of cable even if it's difficult, I would try and do it for my customers."
He believes God was always there for those who tried and would always be available for guidance and provision.
"All we have to do is to trust God and never give up hope," he said.
"As it happened to my dad and me, I'm sure good things can happen to anyone who believes in Him."
Zuber said he was able to overcome difficulties in life which allowed him to learn new things. He said he has never regretted following his father's advice and would continue to hold up the name of their family business.
Zuber advises young people to listen to their parents and serve God.
"There are only two things I would recommend for young people nowadays. Obey and listen to your parents and serve the Lord with a good heart. Without God we won't be successful and He is the only ally we can count on."