Friday, November 30, 2007


SETTING goals and maintaining the right attitude are important steps one needs to follow to succeed, says Amali Shaw.
The 18-year-old is the dux of Dudley High School in Suva.
Amali is proud of her achievement which she attributes to proper planning and discipline.
"There is no substitute for hard work," she said.
"I believe in setting goals and planning in life because it will lead us to success.
"I had set a goal to be crowned dux of the school a long time ago and I had been working hard from the start of the year to achieve it.
"Setting goals is not enough because if your attitude is not right after setting the goal, then what's the whole point of it?
"Every small thing you do counts in the end. Students need to keep their attitude right with studies in order to get fruitful results in the end.
"For instance, punctuality and time management are very important elements and you cannot afford to slip out in this area."
Amali was taking six subjects and scored the highest mark in all six.
She had 83 for English, Biology 85, Chemistry 85, Mathematics 89, Religious Education 90 and Food and Technology 92.
She was also named the best science student of the year.
Amali expected her win and in her heart she always knew she could do it.
"I have been in this school since Form Three and I have never seen a Fijian student taking the dux of the school award and as I went to higher forms, my determination to be dux of the school at my time became stronger."
The character of students, personality and how they do in their studies depend on the type of family they come from, says Amali.
"I think the type of family a student comes from has a lot of effect on who he is and how he performs in school.
"It also depends on the parents' attitude and their interest in what goes on in their child's school life."
Amali's mentors are her parents, teachers and God.
She is from Mokani Village in Tailevu and attended Lami Primary School.
"I am always backed and supported by my mentors and I never give up in life.
"Religion also plays a huge part in a person' life and how they view things. I would just like to mention a verse from the Bible which I stand by all the time Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness then everything else will be added on to you."
Amali was head girl this year but the responsibility, she said, was not an obstacle for her academic progress.
"My message to all the young scholars is to work hard from the start of the term.
"Don't think that you can relax when there is plenty of free time.
"Make use of it and it will count in the end, every bit of it."
Amali is looking forward to joining the Fiji School of Medicine and enroll in the MBBS course next year.
She wants to be called Doctor Shaw in life.


Adapted from Fijitimes Online